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At PrinvestUK Loan Notes Department, our dedicated loan note team have put together a number of resources together to help investors understand as much as possible about secured UK loan note investments. Whether you are looking for an introduction to how loan notes work, or the top reasons to consider them, you will find all the information you need here to help you make your decision to invest.

Secured Investment Opportunity
Loan Notes Investment Flow

Our loan notes are explained by showing how these alternative investments work, including key terms, an example structure, and important questions to ask when considering investing - useful whether you are a seasoned investor or new to UK secured loan notes.

Secured Investment Opportunity
5 Reasons to Invest in Loan Notes

Loan notes provide an affordable means of investing in property whilst still being able to secure a high level of return with a structured investment package free from the usual property fees such as stamp duty or maintenance.

Refined Property Portfolio - Loan Note Investment
Introduction to Secured Loan Note Investments

In this insight article, we explain the basics of a loan note – what they are, and how they can form a part of your overall investment strategy, whilst also including an example loan note structure and reasons why to choose a property loan note investment.

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